Bush on Iraq: Plans

By Brian 

CBS: Katie Couric is the only evening news anchor in Washington, D.C. for tonight’s address.

NBC: Brian Williams will anchor.

ABC: Charles Gibson will anchor. Later on Nightline, Terry Moran will be in DC and will talk to Barack Obama.

Fox: Shep Smith will anchor.

FNC: Brit Hume will anchor from 8:55 to 10pm. He’ll be joined by his usual panel of experts, plus military analyst Bob Scales and FNC’s Chris Wallace.

CNN: Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn are co-anchoring The Situation Room from 7 to 9pm. Larry King will interview John McCain, Barack Obama, John Warner, John Edwards, and Bob Woodward after the speech. 360 starts at 10pm.

MSNBC: Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will anchor from 9 to 10pm. Joe Scarborough will host a special edition of “Scarborough Country” at 10pm.