Bush on Immigration: Shales’ Review

By Brian 

Tom Shales‘ review of the Bush speech coverage includes a couple interesting comments about CNN:

“CNN’s approach to the speech was the most quixotic, though partly by accident. The speech was preceded by a program on which host Wolf Blitzer welcomed guest Lou Dobbs, and followed by a program on which host Lou Dobbs welcomed, among others, guest Wolf Blitzer. As for the low-rated Paula Zahn Now, usually seen in the 8 p.m. slot, it was rerouted to oblivion.”

Shales calls CNN’s post-game analysis “a new version of video pong.” “Commentator Bill Schneider…called Bush’s speech a ‘very cautious’ one. But then another guest, Republican strategist Charlie Black, declared, ‘The fact is, it was a bold speech.'”