Buchanan’s “Man Show” at MSNBC

By SteveK 

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Liz Cox Barrett writes in the Columbia Journalism Review about an exchange on Morning Joe Wednesday morning with Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough. Buchanan and Scarborough were discussing Sen. Hillary Clinton and the difference between her speech pattern and that of Sen. Barack Obama.

“Hillary knows her strength,” Buchanan said. “It’s sitting at a table and debating calmly and coolly and answering questions”

Scarborough later answered with, “You’re right. Men seem to be more effective sometimes when they’re excited and fiery. Women seem to be a little bit better when they’re reserved.”

“Their feelings about this woman can’t really be untangled from their feelings about women in politics, generally,” Cox Barrett writes.

Media Matters expands on the story.

Media Matters focuses on Buchanan’s comments later in the segment. Buchanan quotes from the 18th-century author Samuel Johnson, to describe Clinton’s speeches. “To see a woman speaking is to watch a dog walking on its hind legs,” Buchanan said, quoting Johnson. “Sure, he said you’re surprised not to see it done — not that it’s not done well, but to see it done at all.”

Buchanan actually was on Morning Joe to address some possibly sexist comments he made about Clinton on Tuesday’s Morning Joe, in which he said that her voice during rallies reaches a level, “Where every husband in America…has heard at one time or another.” He later admitted, “I know that’s a sexist comment…but there’s truth to it.”