BTK On TV: Round-Up

By Brian 

> The Wichita Eagle recaps cable and local coverage of the BTK hearing.

> BCBeat’s John Eggerton wonders if the nets needed to devote so much time to BTK: “I know, cable news has all the time in the world to fill, and it was riveting until it became unbearable, but I just wonder whether an excerpt wouldn’t have sufficed, with the rest just serving to fulfill his need for being recognized as the psychopath he is.”

> Jeff Jarvis: “I’m not sure what I think of last night’s instant obsession with the BTK video. I certainly don’t think it was educational. I did think there was something wrong about intruding on this last moment of truth for the victims and their families. I was a little bit ashamed of us all for showing and watching the tapes. But I can’t help but be chilled by the dead-cold soul of this man.”