Brown v. Bounds on Election Center

By SteveK 

Things got heated on Campbell Brown: Election Center last night, as Brown continually pressed Sen. John McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds on Veep nominee Gov. Sarah Palin’s foreign policy experience.

When asked to provide, “one decision she made as commander-in-chief of the Alaskan National Guard,” Bounds continually sidestepped the question.

Eventually, he turned the tables. “Certainly you don’t mean to belittle every experience, every judgment she makes,” he said. “I’m belittling nothing! I just want to know one judgment or one decision,” she responded.


What ensued was a discussion of whether a governor has control over the his/her state’s National Guard (only on domestic issues — overseas handled by Pentagon).

Insiders tell us that, because of the rough line of questioning from Brown, a scheduled McCain interview on Larry King Live has been canceled.

Brown is headed out to St. Paul later this week, and TVNewser will be talking to the CNN anchor.

Click continued to see the showdown (it gets good at about 4:00)…