Brokaw’s Next ’60s Move

By SteveK 

On the heels of Tom Brokaw‘s new book focused on the 1960s comes a TV special on The History Channel. “1968 with Tom Brokaw” premieres next Sunday, December 9 from 9-11PM EST.

Brokaw interviews many influential people from the divisive year and gets others reflections on the time period.

CBS News’ Jeff Greenfield, a speechwriter for Robert Kennedy in 1968, describes during the special what it was like on the train while transporting Kennedy’s body. “Every time you looked out the window and saw a cub scout with an American flag saluting or World War II vets or maybe older with their caps saluting or people in tears…I can only speak for myself. That’s when I lost it. Inside the train it was one thing. But when you looked out, you understood what had taken place,” he said.

MSNBC analyst Pat Buchanan, who was a speechwriter for Richard Nixon during the time period, said during the special, “I think 1968 was probably the worst year in this nation’s history.”

The special will also include interviews with Jon Stewart, Bruce Springsteen and Tommy Smothers, among others.