Brokaw Talks Booze on Conan

By SteveK 

Tom Brokaw talked politics and “Boom” as a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien last night, but he seemed to always come back to one topic: alcohol.

Brokaw had a an idea to spice up the multitude of presidential debates, which can become tiresome. “I would bring the candidates over to my apartment, and I would mix them a batch of martinis or we’d do a few tequila shots,” he said. “About three martinis in apiece, or about four or five tequila shots in apiece, I’d say, ‘Alright what do you really think about Hillary or Obama.’ My guess is that’s a form of truth serum.”

“So you’re recommending drunk debates, is what you’re saying,” O’Brien asked. “I’m for it,” said Brokaw.


Brokaw also described his experience with drugs and alcohol growing up, saying, “I was a child of the ’50s. I liked getting tanked up on good scotch and drinking a lot of beer.”

NBC Newsers have been frequent guests on Late Night recently, as bookers find it increasingly difficult to find actors willing to cross the WGA picket line to appear. Besides Brokaw yesterday, Lester Holt was on Monday’s show and Brian Williams made the three-floor trip to the show on Friday.