Brokaw and Clinton Talk MLK/Obama

By SteveK 

The Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar writes about Tom Brokaw‘s interview that aired on Sunday night’s Nightly News with former President Bill Clinton. The interview is brief, and what airs is clearly edited.

The basis of the questioning comes from the context of Martin Luther King Day and his opinion on Sen. Barack Obama. Brokaw asks Clinton how he thinks Dr. King would feel about Obama’s candidacy, and Clinton said: “I think he would get a kick out of the fact that it appears that the nominee of the Democratic party would either be an African-American senator who’s profoundly eloquent, or a woman senator who got her Methodist youth minister to take her to see Dr. King when she was a young high school student.”

As Sklar points out though, there is not an extended web-only portion of the interview on the new Nightly News web site, as has been the norm recently. The interview is just slightly longer than two minutes and described in the broadcast as an “In Depth” segment.

Click continued to see the interview that aired on the Nightly News.