“Broadband Journalism:” Notes & Quotes From The CBS News Announcement

By Brian 

> CBS has posted video of this morning’s announcement.

> Associated Press: “It’s increasingly clear that the future of CBS News is not just as a practitioner of broadcast journalism but of broadband journalism,” CBS News President Andrew Heyward said.

> CNN.com’s lead: “CBS News — apparently worried that TV news is on the way out and that high-speed Internet news is the way of the future — Tuesday announced plans to expand its news presence online.”

> “The Internet seems to be one of the places where young people are. And if you can establish brand loyalty, that’s one of the places you may be able to do that,” Bill Carroll, director of programming at Katz Television Group, tells CBS MarketWatch. “They obviously won’t have the arena to themselves, but they certainly will be, if not leading the charge, toward the front of the charge.”

> The announcement comes “on the heels of branding its owned TV stations as 24-hour news destinations via revamped and feature-enhanced Web sites,” Broadcasting & Cable says.

> “But not being able to cut the deal they wanted with CNN, which they had sought for so long, this is probably the next best thing,” Tim Brooks says.

> “Soooo…. CBS has a website like everyone else now,” an e-mailer remarks…