Brit & Kim In Hume, Virginia

By Brian 

FNC’s Brit Hume, the managing editor and anchor of Special Report, and wife Kim Hume, vice president and D.C. bureau chief, have a country home in Hume, Virginia. “At home with the Humes,” in the latest issue of Southern Living, includes these comments from Brit:

“It’s not a cushy anchor job,” Brit Hume says of his position. “I’m involved in the planning of it, in the writing, and in the production of a couple of segments. It’s not nearly as intense as Kim has it. She really runs the bureau. Those four days–Monday through Thursday–are very long and very intense.”

“On Thursday night, we flee out here,” Brit continues. “Although Kim and I work at the same place, our jobs are very different. We sit down here on Friday morning, and it’s the longest conversation we’ve had all week.”