Brit Hume’s Life on TV

By Chris Ariens 

One day away his last election as Fox News anchor, Brit Hume talks with several publications about his past, present and future.

• About what sets FNC apart from the big broadcasters (Hume spent 23 years at ABC): “At ABC, I often saw that there were alternative ways to do stories that were every bit as newsworthy. When I proposed them, I didn’t get any resistance. It’s just that nobody but me would think of them.”

• About joining Fox News: “Easiest decision I ever made.”

• About the current campaign: “After a while it just gets to be tiresome. Dispiriting, even.”

• And what lies ahead: “I want to explore my faith more vigorously.”

The Boston Globe

The Miami Herald

Time Magazine

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Tampa Tribune

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