Brian Williams Doesn’t Blink When asked about ‘Today,’ ‘Tonight’ Changes

By Chris Ariens 

NBC Newsman Brian Williams went on “Late Show with David Letterman” last night and, right out of the gate, Letterman asked him the news about the news at NBC, both the “Today” show and the “Tonight Show.” Williams didn’t blink, even when Dave asked him after a long recap of the news: “If I’m on to something, blink twice.” Williams didn’t. (Clip after the jump)

Letterman moved on congratulating Williams on his 20 years at NBC News, calling him, “the heart and soul of America’s most-watched regular nightly news program.”

Later, Letterman asked about Williams being on a list of those who could take over hosting “Jeopardy!” when and if Alex Trebek retires. “While it is true that my legal representative got a call from Herb Schmendrick at Sony Studios to say ‘would he ever be interested we would love to have him.’ I answered in the form of a question ‘Who is Herb Schmendrick?'”


Williams said it’s become a family joke: “Oh, that will be when dad’s the host of ‘Jeopardy.'”

And when asked if he’d ever consider doing late night comedy, Williams said he’s “more wired for what I’m doing,” but added, “I’m not sure I’d never leave the venue of news. It chews people up and spits people out. It’s a young man’s game and any other cliches you want to pile on there.

When I go I’m just going to go. I’ll be at the Jersey Shore on a P.O. Box. But I’m not going to stay on it forever.”