Brian Williams, Back In New Orleans

By Brian 

“Katrina was yesterday.”

“As the title of today’s post indicates, that is the mantra here in the Lower Ninth Ward,” Brian Williams blogged from New Orleans yesterday. He returned to the devastated city on Tuesday.

“From where we are set up to broadcast tonight (on the roof of a rental truck), you can see not only the devastation all around, but the exact spot where the levee gave way filling this neighborhood with water. We’re surrounded by evidence that the water arrived with great violence and speed. This may be among the saddest places on the planet right now.”

Williams is traveling with a crew including EP John Reiss. Bureau chief Frieda Morris is running the day-to-day op.

> Gail Shister notes thatWilliams returned to the Superdome this week for the first time since the storm. “This is hard. I almost have feelings of guilt, because I got out that day,” he said. “They opened the corrugated steel doors to let us do Nightly News. People died where I’m standing.”