Bret Baier Drops “Fair and Balanced” in Sign-Off

By Chris Ariens 

This is day two for Bret Baier as anchor of “Special Report.” WaPo’s Howard Kurtz talked with Baier about his new role and how he differs from his predecessor.

The 38-year-old reporter alters one very important thing with his presence in the “Special Report” anchor chair. Hume was a proud conservative who saw himself as providing a balanced counterweight to the media’s liberal slant. Baier says he is an independent who does not bring an ideological approach to his work.

Baier has already changed Brit Hume’s signature sign-off, “fair, balanced and unafraid” to “your source for news, tonight and every night.”


As for covering the Obama administration, Baier tells Kurtz, “Fox doesn’t have to be in a mode of attack, but it has to be in a mode of covering stories that perhaps other news organizations are not going to do…There’s an argument to be made that Fox could do even better in this environment.”

Yesterday was the first of three consecutive Mondays of programming change at FNC — next week the premiere of Hannity (sans Colmes) at 9pmET and the following Monday, Glenn Beck’s show debuts at 5pmET.

Baier’s shout-out to his “mentor” and the one change that takes effect today, after the jump…

BAIER: Finally tonight, you may have noticed after 2,851 shows as “Special Report with Brit Hume,” this show has a new name.

I am honored, extremely honored, to have been given this opportunity to follow my mentor’s career path.

I’m excited to work with our team reporting on what promises to be a tremendously busy and important time for our country. And I’m dedicated to keeping the same high standards that Brit set for this show.

Over time, the look of the show may change a bit. But the format and the substance of solid, straightforward reporting with an insightful panel discussion will continue.

One thing will change promptly. Starting tomorrow, and regularly after that, Brit Hume will join us to provide political analysis as only he can.