Reviews YouTube’s Geek Week

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According to the brand marketing experts at, reviews of popular television shows and movies have highlighted the rise of a particular segment of America’s population. This sector of users and viewers, dubbed ‘geek culture,’ makes up a large and fairly influential demographic. YouTube is using geek culture as a platform to showcase some of their most original and hilarious commentaries and pieces of content.

According to, reviews of YouTube’s Geek Week indicate that savvy brands can use innovative campaigns to appeal to existing demographics while ensnaring new prospects.

YouTube, America’s video-sharing giant, took their videos to a new level when they introduced Geek Week. The idea stems from the popularity of certain series that are often classified as geeky, whether related to sci-fi, fantasy or a range of intellectual interests.


According to the chief marketing officer at YouTube, about half of their top channels are dedicated to geek culture. Users often look up clips from their favorite geeky movies or television shows. They also frequent videos from users who provide personal commentary on new episode of their favorite shows.

The weeklong event commenced on August 4th and continued until August 10th, featuring themed days for specific audiences. reviews impressive campaigns like YouTube’s Geek Week at part of its campaign to equip clients with powerful and effective marketing techniques.

Geek culture is often categorized by popular shows like The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones. It’s important to note that geek culture can include magazines, television shows or movies. In order to celebrate vibrant and diverse geek audiences, YouTube created a weeklong event during which geeks could enjoy their favorite programs without shame.

The first day of the celebration was called Blockbuster Sunday and it featured the best original YouTube Sci-fi, fantasy and animation videos. The YouTube website adorned geek culture designs and allowed a popular (and geeky) user to host the entire day.

The second day of the celebration was entitled Global Geekery Monday and it featured Anime from Tokyo. It showcased prominent comic-book heroes and featured a large celebration of all things Doctor Who.
The following day was entitled Braniac Tuesday and it featured the science education channels that have helped to make YouTube one of the biggest platforms for learning.

The marketing team at YouTube recognized that many people search through their videos in hopes of increasing their knowledge on a specific subject. Some students even search through the videos for useful tutoring lessons. According to, reviews of the YouTube Geek Week strategy reveal that savvy engagement relies on recognizing the needs and interests of your target audience.

The fourth day of the celebration was called Super Wednesday and it featured hilarious parody videos about super-powers and superheroes. Users could peruse videos about the supernatural if they were more interested in this aspect of Geek Week. Geeks rejoiced on this particular day as they were given access to an exclusive new trailer for “Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.”

The following day, users enjoyed Gaming Thursday, a celebration of the world’s most beloved video games.

On the final day of the celebration, users amused themselves with Fan Friday. Sci-fi themed cooking and passionate geek debates about favorite series marked this final day of Geek Week.

As notes, reviews of this impressive marketing campaign reveal an effective and insightful strategy. YouTube managed to satisfy and reward one of its most valuable communities while inviting others to join the celebration. Geek culture is often threatened by the ‘cool’ factor, but YouTube has helped to switch the connotation so that geeks everywhere can feel proud of the things that they are passionate about.