Boston Globe Critic Watches Scott Brown on Fox’s ‘Outnumbered’: ‘You Gotta Pay the Rent’

By Mark Joyella 


Having lost his most recent Senate bid in New Hampshire, Scott Brown has joined Fox News as a contributor, and the folks back in Boston, where Brown is known as a former Massachusetts Senator, were watching. Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen checked out Brown’s recent appearance on FNC’s “Outnumbered”, and explained what he saw to readers who may have an aversion to watching Fox:

The format is pretty simple. Brown sat on a couch with a pair of women on each side. He’s outnumbered. Get it? In case you don’t, they flashed a hashtag on the screen below Brown: #oneluckyguy. All of the women had perfect teeth, high heels, and really nice hair. Brown sat there wearing a suit and, lest you forget his political leanings, a bright red tie. They talked about myriad issues, but if you had to boil it down it was something like: Why Everything Wrong In The World Is Obama’s Fault.

Cullen noted that Brown lived in a home where he is the only male, and failed to beat female opponents in two different states. Cullen argued sitting on a couch with the women (or “Fox-y ladies”, as Cullen puts it) from “Outnumbered” might be the last place Brown would want to be. “But you gotta pay the rent,” he writes.