Boston Bombings: Tuesday Coverage Notes

By Merrill Knox 

  • Brian Williams will anchor “NBC Nightly News” from Boston tonight.
  • “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” will be expanded to an hour tonight. Terry Moran will anchor “Nightline” from Boston.
  • Scott Pelley will anchor “CBS Evening News” from Boston.
  • Shepard Smith will anchor his two Fox News Channel programs, “Studio B” and “The Fox Report,” from Boston tonight. He will be joined by Bill Hemmer, who arrived in Boston last night and anchored “America’s Newsroom” from the crime scene this morning. Rick Leventhal will also report from Boston during the network’s normal primetime programming. Molly Line and Mike Tobin are also in Boston for the network.
  • On CNN, Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer will host their afternoon shows from Boston. Anderson Cooper is also there and will anchor “AC360” live at 8pmET and 10pmET. In place of re-airs, Erin Burnett will be live at 11pmET and Piers Morgan live at 12amET, both from New York. Chris Cuomo, John Berman, Sanjay Gupta, Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin, Poppy Harlow, Brian Todd, Jason Carroll, Peter Hamby, Zain Asher, Gary Tuchman, Drew Griffin, Pamela Brown and Maria Santana are also in Boston for CNN.
  • Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto will host his 8pmET show live for the rest of the week.