Boston Bombings: Evening Notes

By Chris Ariens 

  • That 78-year-old marathoner seen over and over today in news coverage crumbling to the ground when the first bomb went off, finished the raceBill Iffrig, who spoke with CNN’s Piers Morgan, got up and walked the final 12 feet, coming in second in his division.
  • Matt Lauer was a part of tonight’s NBC special at 10pmET live from Boston talking with eyewitnesses and a runner. He’ll be live for the “Today” show tomorrow. Ann Curry participated too, interviewing a young runner who crossed the finish line about :25 seconds before the first blast.
  • Katie Couric and her crew will turn around a show devoted to the attacks in Boston tomorrow. Couric will host from her studio in New York.
  • Many of the eyewitnesses making the media rounds tonight are the journalists who covered the race, including Boston Globe reporter David Abel and sports producer Steve Silva who were at the finish line covering the race. Silva’s ground level video of the first blast has been some of the most widely viewed.