Bob Woodruff Back to Anchoring

By Chris Ariens 

Bob Woodruff’s new show, “Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff,” debuts tonight on the Planet Green network. His featured guest is former Pres. Bill Clinton, who discussed a range of topics concerning climate policy in the US, including his thoughts on how Sens. McCain and Obama differ on the issue.

The show premieres tonight at 6pmET on the new Discovery network Planet Green.

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Woodruff will also present a special report from the American prairie, also known as the Northern Great Plains. Most people conjure up images of polar bears on melting glaciers or the endangered species in our vast oceans when they hear about climate change. In this special report, Woodruff explores the direct impact in the U.S., bringing the issue home to many Americans. Approximately 99% of the non-urban landscape in the Northern Great Plains is either farmed or grazed. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is now working to save the prairie and its animals including, rattlesnakes, cougars, prairie dogs, wild ferrets, bison, antelope and elk. Within our own borders, these are just a few of the animals threatened. Viewers will ride along with Woodruff and the WWF as they reintroduce baby bison into the wild, catch and count rattlesnakes and more, to help make sense of what this means to our delicate homeland eco-system.