Bob Schieffer Previews Final Debate

By Alex Weprin 

Tonight’s final presidential debate will be moderated by CBS “Face the Nation” anchor Bob Schieffer. Schieffer gave an interview to TV Guide‘s Stephen Battaglio about the debate, and what questions he expects to ask the candidates.

“What happens next? Where does this go?” Schieffer says. “Is it better for the United States that we have an iron fisted dictator that’s friendly to the U.S. or a government in turmoil where we don’t know who they’re loyal to? There is also the rise of China and how do we manage that. These are things that may be more important than Mitt Romney’s income taxes when you get right down to it.”

Elsewhere, Politico writes that Schieffer and fellow debate moderator Jim Lehrer are buddies… and have somewhat embarrassing hobbies:

The two men now talk to one another “all the time,” Lehrer said. “The only flaw in Bob is he spends too much time writing music.”

Lehrer loves to give Schieffer a hard time about his love of country music. Schieffer writes his own songs, and plays in band. “He has a little group. He’s a terrible singer,” Lehrer said. “But he doesn’t give a rats whether people are picking on him. He is the most un-TV guy you’ll find in TV.”

But Lehrer, too, has his hobby. Apparently, he’s a big fan of buses — the way some people are big fans of trains. He even has sweaters with buses on them.