Bob Raismann: Media on verge of mutiny against Jeter

By Cam Martin 

With 0 home runs on the season and an abysmal .583 OPS, Derek Jeter is struggling mightily at the dish, a reality that might soon turn the New York media against him, says Bob Raismann of the New York Daily News.

Whispers about the Captain losing his way at the plate have turned into screams. From the Valley of the Stupid, and throughout all other media precincts, there is wondering and speculation. How long? How long before Joe Girardi has to move Jeter down in the lineup? Various voices also look ahead to next season – and the next.

Raismann says the media members in a position to criticize Jeter the loudest – John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman and Michael Kay – have thus far tempered their statements. But with fans getting uneasy about Jeter’s performance, it’s only a matter of time until everyone has to tackle the issue head on. Unless of course Jeter magically regains his bat speed. Luckily the Yankees only signed him for three years and $51 million this past offseason.