Bob Kerrey on FNC Debate: Dems “Blinked And They Blew It”

By Chris Ariens 

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey‘s says if Don Imus asks him to appear on his new radio show, he will. In an op-ed in the NYDaily News Sunday, Kerrey concludes the candidates for president would be better off if they did too.

Kerrey writes about the 2004 campaign: “It would be one thing if going on Imus meant that a candidate had to disavow his own beliefs. It doesn’t — no more than appearing on Lou Dobbs means you want to deport illegal immigrants.

Kerrey continues: “Democratic candidates already made a similar mistake when, goaded by groups like to dissociate themselves from Fox News, they pulled the plug on a party debate to be aired on the network in September. They had a chance to reach millions of people — but they blinked, and they blew it.”