Bob Dotson’s Last American Story is His Own

By Mark Joyella 

NBC’s master storyteller Bob Dotson had a special assignment this morning on Today: share his own story–and his last.

Dotson, who’s spent 40 years inspiring young reporters in the art of storytelling, announced his retirement this week.

How would Dotson boil down four decades of stories into a four-minute package? Start at the beginning–when eight-year-old Bob Dotson sat on the porch with his grandfather, who told amazing stories. “People often ask why I became a storyteller,” Dotson said. “All of my life I’ve been trying to tell a tale as well as my grandfather did.”

Despite the champagne toast on set to celebrate his retirement, Dotson hinted he might not be done telling American stories. Saying this morning’s report was his last “for the Today show,” he ended with this: “People often ask, what was your favorite? The next one.”