Bob & Brian Griese To Work In The Booth Together

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Bob Griese and his son, Brian, will both work the Minnesota-Purdue football game on Saturday for ESPN2.

The father-son duo will form a three-man booth with play-by-play announcer Dave Pasch.

Brian Griese, a former Pro Bowl quarterback with a handful of NFL teams, retired from the league in 2009 and decided to follow his father to the broadcasting booth.


Earlier in the season, Brian worked his first game at the University of Michigan, where he led the Wolverines to a share of the national championship as a starter and won the Rose Bowl MVP in 1998.

The fact that Brian followed in his father’s footsteps was unexpected from his father. “I told my three sons, ‘Don’t plan on doing what I did, playing NFL football,” Bob said. “And pick a college for an education, not its football program. If you want to play football, you can walk on.'”

This has the opportunity to be a very cool thing or a very annoying thing, depending on how much the Grieses presence takes away from Pasch calling the action on the field.

Either way, it’s worth tuning in for five minutes.