Bob Beckel’s Back and He Has a Message for Donald Trump

By Chris Ariens 

Bob Beckel returned to The Five tonight, and it became clear very quickly what role he’ll play. When he left in the summer of 2015 Donald Trump had just announced his improbable run for the White House. Today, as he returned to the ensemble Fox News chat show, Beckel had a message for the president-elect.

The one thing I want to say, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Donald Trump, congratulations because you, sir, are the gift that keeps on giving for me… I’m going to be here a lot. I’m going to be after you. You know that expression, you can run but you can’t hide. Good luck, Don. I would be happy to sing at your inaugural.

So it’s a good thing the crew saved Bob’s Swear Jar. Beckel also thanked The Five audience: “Most of you right-wingers who said you were right-wingers, but that you wished me well and liked me. And I appreciated it very much and I missed you very much;” as well as his doctors who helped him recover from back surgery and substance abuse. “They helped me and brought me back. I got my legs back,” he said.