Bloomberg TV’s Trish Regan: ‘Unprecedented’ Level Of Interest In Business News

By Merrill Knox 

On her second day at Bloomberg TV, anchor Trish Regan already has a vision for “Street Smart.”

Regan sees the two-hour show — which airs from 3pm-5pmET, encompassing the daily closing bell — as a “very fast-paced, very market-driven show that’s about making money and preserving what you have,” she tells TVNewser.

Regan is a former CNBC anchor who thought “for a long time” about the right place for her. A major attraction of Bloomberg TV, she says, was the opportunity to report on the financial and economic topics that interest her the most.

“We’re able to break financial news unlike any other — we have no rival in that sense,” she says. “To that point, it gave me the chance to drill down into what I enjoy talking about more than anything else. There’s nothing I would rather do — even on a Saturday night — than to debate the direction of the economy, and debate the future of the markets.”

Regan also pointed to Bloomberg’s commitment to international news as a selling point. She says global reporting is something she looks forward to — especially in Europe, where she sees the financial crisis as a mirror for what happened to the U.S. in 2008.

“A priority of mine is to get to Europe, and talk to the leaders there, and then talk to the people there, to really understand the story from every angle and make sure that our viewers have the opportunity to see the story from every side,” she said.

Regan will also be anchoring Bloomberg’s election coverage in 2012, which will be “focused solely on the economy.”

“Voters across America care about the economy in a way they never have before,” she says. “It’s unprecedented, the interest level you’re seeing in Americans’ need to understand the markets and economic policy.”

Regan plans on “not letting up” when it comes to covering politics.

“Whenever you do an interview, people may have their own line of talking points, especially politicians,” she says. “You need to stay on course and know what it is you need the answer to, and how to get it.”