Bloomberg Launches 24/7 News Network That Streams Live on Twitter

By A.J. Katz 

NBC News and CNN have been targeting the next generation of news consumers in the form of daily Snapchat shows. Bloomberg is another outlet looking to attract tech-savvy millennials and Gen Y-ers to its brand, and it believes it can accomplish this feat via the launch of a 24/7 global news network on Twitter: TicToc.

TicToc launched at 8 a.m. ET this morning, and it’s offering “hourly updated top news reports and live video coverage of breaking news verified by Bloomberg, with a real-time distillation of related conversations on Twitter.”

According to Bloomberg, TicToc will be featuring “a mix of live video and reporting from Bloomberg journalists around the world, as well as breaking news content from consumers, curated and verified by Bloomberg editors with a real-time distillation of the related conversation on Twitter.”

TicToc will have contributions from 2,700 Bloomberg journalists and analysts, reporting from 120 countries, delivering 24/7 news.

“It’s early days, but what makes TicToc by Bloomberg unique is that consumers will be able to watch live news and the conversation around it at the same time, all while a dedicated team of Bloomberg editors verifies the facts. We’re leveraging our journalism and data to reach and inform an intelligent audience on Twitter around the world,” said Bloomberg editor-in-chief. John Micklethwait.

TicToc users will have access to two types of content.

  • Breaking News: TicToc by Bloomberg will cover global breaking news when consumers need it and when an event warrants it. Live coverage for key events will be presented alongside real-time distillation of the facts and Tweets about the event.
  • Global News Update: An hourly update of global news will be available in short, digestible clips, refreshed at the top of each hour. The segment will be comprised of top global news so that consumers are constantly up to speed on the stories that matter. It will also include slightly longer clips that put news into context, providing deeper analysis of the top news stories of the moment. At launch, top-of-the-hour news coverage will be updated from 6am to 10pm EST, expanding to 24 hours in early 2018, while weekend coverage will include regular news updates, prioritizing live breaking news events.

As with all new ventures like this, there will surely be some skeptics. But sponsors appear to be seeing great potential in TicToc.

Seven sponsors have already signed up to be “Founding Partners,” including AT&T Business, CA Technologies, CME Group, Goldman Sachs, Infiniti, SAS, TD Ameritrade.

“We know how critical education and information are to the investing process. And, in today’s fast-paced world, consumers want the latest news at their fingertips, in their format of choice, from a source they trust,” said Francie Staub, managing director of integrated and digital marketing at TD Ameritrade. “That’s why we’re so excited to work with Bloomberg as it reimagines the mobile newsroom – leveraging cutting edge technology to help create a more informed, confident investor base.”