Biz Profiling: Burnett and Willard

By SteveK 

• The Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam profiles CNBC anchor Erin Burnett and she talks of the shock of Monday’s failed House vote. “It was just incredible because nobody could believe it,” she said. “Usually on Wall Street people expect things. Nobody was prepared for that bill to not pass.”

She also is asked about her colleague Maria Bartiromo. Burnett describes the two as “ships passing in the night in terms of our schedules,” but says they “have always, always been friendly.”

• FBN anchor Cody Willard is profiled in The Ruidoso News (NM), who was back in his hometown for an upcoming FBN feature earlier this week. “I don’t know a single person here who is for the bailout,” Willard wrote on his blog about the trip. “A well-off elderly couple even laughed today when I asked if they thought they’d have trouble getting a loan from the local bank if Wall Street isn’t bailed out.”

“He’s made a name for himself in the concrete canyons of New York City, both as a financial analyst for Fox and as the founder of an investment management company,” writes Todd Fuqua.