Billy Crystal Rules Out Brian Williams When Seeking a Role Model For Grandkids

By Brian Flood 

Billy Crystal joined HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel to discuss his unique take on athletes behaving badly. The legendary comedian, who was one the very first episode of Real Sports back in 1995, discusses how modern athletes are overexposed because of social media. He also ponders how he’s supposed to explain the misbehavior of athletes to his grandchildren.

Crystal then wondered whether non-athletes are better role models than athletes.

“What about someone we can trust in a very noble profession?” Crystal asks before the clip of suspended NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams apologizing plays. Crystal simply shakes his head no.

CNN, CBS News and To Catch A Predator get retro video shout outs, while a clip of a news conference on HLN is also shown. Yes, HLN used to show news conferences. Check it out: