Bill O’Reilly on ‘Kill Zone’ Remark: ‘Simply a Slang Expression’

By Brian Flood 

Bill O’Reilly is explaining a remark he made to TVNewser last night, in which he says Mother Jones’s David Corn belongs “in the kill zone” for his critical piece on the Fox News host. O’Reilly says the phrase “is simply a slang expression.”

Corn’s editors at Mother Jones said the comments crossed the line and emailed Fox News executives seeking an apology. One won’t be coming, we hear. Instead, O’Reilly will use his Talking Points Memo on his show tonight to deliver his own commentary on the matter. We hear Bernard Goldberg will also be a guest to discuss the coverage of the coverage.

FNC released an early copy of O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo, in which he also goes after CNN’s Brian Stelter for his coverage of the story:


At this point … TV coverage has been scant, but CNN tried to exploit the situation because a guy over there named Brian Stelter … is another far left zealot … masquerading as a journalist.  CNN can do a lot better than this guy.

Real journalists … knew this story was B-S from the jump.

They knew Corn was trying to take the Brian Williams situation … and wrap it around my neck … for ideological reasons … because he has a history of attacking Fox News.

In addition … Corn actually wrote that I hammered Brian Williams … when everyone knows … I went out of my way on Kimmel and the Factor … to be compassionate to the man.

Corn must think the folks … are as dumb … as he is.

We hear Stelter reached out to Fox News seeking an interview, but that O’Reilly won’t grant one.

O’Reilly also dug up — and Fox News released — an old Telex sent from CBS News in New York to CBS News in Buenos Aires. O’Reilly, then a correspondent for CBS, had been sent to cover the war in the Falkland Islands. He never got to the islands, which was the crux of the Mother Jones piece: that O’Reilly has been trumping up his coverage of the 1982 war.