Bill O’Reilly Offers Lou Dobbs a “Semi-Regular” Contributor Role

By Chris Ariens 

Lou Dobbs continued his media rounds tonight with his first TV interview since leaving CNN, on “The O’Reilly Factor.” (He’ll be talking with TVNewser tomorrow). Dobbs talked about what led to his departure, his coverage of the birther movement, a possible future in politics and the shot fired at his home last month.

O’Reilly got in his his usual digs at the competition. “We don’t have anything against CNN,” he said. “NBC News, we don’t like. But CNN, I don’t have anything against you guys.”

“It’s those guys now,” said Dobbs.


O’Reilly continued: “Campbell Brown is getting murdered. Larry King has declined, like 80%. Anderson Cooper is getting hammered. So they want more of that? Does that make sense to you?”

The eight minute conversation ended with O’Reilly offering Dobbs a “semi-regular” contributor position for the show. Not bad going from a fourth place cable network, to appearing on the #1 cable news show.