Bill O’Reilly: CNN, MSNBC ‘Actively Rooting’ for Hillary Clinton

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly still won’t name the three media organizations that have ordered their employees not to support Donald Trump, but on The Late Show Monday night, O’Reilly did tell Stephen Colbert which networks are “actively rooting” for Trump’s opponent.

Describing Fox News as an organization that is neither pro or anti-Trump, O’Reilly said “there’s a lot of division about Donald Trump. It’s not a Trump network … I’m not going to mention the other networks, CNN, MSNBC, who are rooting—actively rooting—for Hillary Clinton.”

As for the media organizations that have No Trump rules in place, O’Reilly says he won’t name them because his source would not allow him to use their name, and “I don’t use anonymous sources.” But, he said, “I do believe these three news organizations just despise Trump across the board.”