Bill O’Reilly Calls MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ‘The Biggest Failure in Cable News’

By Mark Joyella 

In a segment Wednesday night on “gross dishonesty in the media,” Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called out a competitor, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, accusing Hayes of a “complete distortion.”

O’Reilly played a clip from Hayes’ MSNBC show, All In, that described how some “predictable sources” were reacting to the Confederate flag, with Hayes saying “Bill O’Reilly said it represents the bravery of Confederates who fought in the Civil War.”

Playing the O’Reilly Factor segment in question, O’Reilly said he had clearly stated that “some believe” that’s what the flag represents. “I clearly said, the Confederate flag represents–to me–oppression.”


O’Reilly then took a moment to tear into Hayes–without ever saying his name. “Now, the marketplace has spoken about the guy you just heard. He’s the biggest failure in cable news. But the fact that he’s allowed to distort, day after day after day, is troubling.”

MSNBC tells TVNewser Hayes will address O’Reilly’s comments on All In tonight.