Bill & Keith: Olbermann Responds on DailyKos

By Chris Ariens 

Following Brian Stelter‘s Staurday front-page NYTimes story on the calming of the Bill O’Reilly vs. Keith Olbermann storyline, Olbermann responded on the Daily Kos.

Alls I Can Say:

…(and if this doesn’t sound like the ultimate self-promotion, I don’t know what would, but them’s the breaks)…


Watch tonight. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I hope.

As then-candidate Obama (not to make any undue self-comparisons) once added, with a laugh, after answering a complicated and doubting question from the New York Times editorial board: consider the possibility that I might know what I’m doing here.

Plus there’s a Special Comment on health care. About fourteen minutes worth.

Much more to come on this story today… Stay tuned…