Bill Hemmer’s Star Is Rising

By Brian 

Bill Hemmer‘s war coverage from northern Israel is simply astounding. The FNCer is hosting Fox News Live as rockets land nearby. It’s great journalism and great TV.

As a cable competitor said last week, Roger Ailes has made Hemmer a star. Now a tipster says: “Look for a more visible role from Bill Hemmer in the near future. Due to the stellar performance in the middle east, his duties will expand to more than just anchoring an hour a day.”

> Update: 1:40pm: “You’re right. Hemmer is going to be doing more than an hour a day very soon,” a second tipster adds…

> Update: 1:46pm; “Bill Hemmer is one more great example of how CNN doesn’t know talent when it has it and then on the rare occasion notices it has some, it chases it away,” an e-mailer adds. “Hemmer may go down as as big loss to CNN as Nolan Ryan was to the Mets when they traded him away. Idiots both!”