Bill Hemmer’s 3 Years On American Morning

By Brian 

This morning’s American Morning was priceless: JACK CAFFERTY: Hey, it’s Bill and Maya’s (ph) anniversary. He pointed [out] it’s been three years.

ANDY SERWER: Oh, congratulations, you two.

BILL HEMMER: Not yet. This weekend. Just for the audience…

SERWER: Oh, we’re going to [be] celebrating for four or five days.

HEMMER: I came to New York on a Sunday, I called Paula at home. And she said, OK, well, you know, we’ll get together, you know, I’ll see you on Tuesday, because she was off that Monday. Called Jack at home, and he’s goes, here’s the deal. We go on the air at 7:00, we get off the air at 10:00, we go home. See you in the morning. Click.

CAFFERTY: What was I, wrong?

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN: That was warm.

HEMMER: You were dead on.

CAFFERTY: That was kind of the drill. Happy anniversary.

HEMMER: You, as well.

CAFFERTY: What are the odds it will last three more years?



CAFFERTY: Boy, there’s a hot question.


CAFFERTY: That’s not the “Question of the Day,” because I’d get fired if I explored that in any detail. The “Question of the Day” is this: how should your state spend its extra money?…

Thanks to a tipster for sending the transcript…