Bill Hemmer To D.C.? He’s Hesitating

By Brian 

In a nutshell, here’s the story: Bill Hemmer, who “begged” for the American Morning anchor job, has been offered the position of “senior White House correspondent” for the network, but he’s not sure if he wants it.

> “It is no secret that other outlets have expressed interest in me,” Hemmer told the Washington Post. “CNN has offered me a position at the White House, a good position by many estimations, but I am weighing my options…What does CNN have for me to continue doing there?”

> Just wondering: Why would someone who has never covered the White House be named SENIOR White House correspondent? Here is Bill’s bio…

> “Would CBS finally get their hands on him?,” an e-mailer asks.

> Hemmer’s contract expires in the fall, Kurtz noted.

> On American Morning, Hemmer “will be replaced by Miles O’Brien,” according to FTVLive.

> When I asked him about the rumor that O’Brien would replace Hemmer on AM last month, Jon Klein said he had heard the rumor too, but wouldn’t confirm it…

> New York Magazine, Dec. 1 2003: “Hemmer would say good-bye to the wardrobe, the penthouse, and the anchor desk in a second for a plane ticket and an assignment in Baghdad.” But he “begged and fought for a long time” to get on American Morning…