Bill Hemmer Anchors Fox News’ 3 p.m. Hour From a Nearly Empty Times Square

By A.J. Katz 

If you’ve been watching Bill Hemmer‘s 3 p.m. show on Fox News today, you’d think it’s actually 3 a.m.

That’s because Hemmer has been anchoring his show live from Times Square, an area usually teeming with tourists and New Yorkers at this time of day, but an area that’s nearly empty right now.

People, at least in this part of the city, seem to be following physical distancing guidelines.


“After living here for 19 years, it’s amazing to hear birds again,” said Hemmer. “You know with the drum of the city on a daily basis, you don’t hear that. And today we do. It’s a quiet place at night and I think what you learn after seeing so few people on the streets after the sun goes down, that New York is a lot better place when there are people around to see.”

As Hemmer is delivering the news, simultaneously on screen, there is a Fox News quick response vehicle driving around the city showing the empty streets. The truck has two cameras: one inside and one outside that are streaming while driving. There is another crew walking around Times Square also livestreaming—all physical distancing, of course.

Take a look: