Bill & Barney Round 2: “We’re Making A Lot of Progress Here. Pretty Soon We’ll Be Going Camping Together”

By Chris Ariens 

They disagreed, but were civil. They talked over each other, but both made their points. Tonight’s Bill O’Reilly, Rep. Barney Frank face-off was, actually, meaningful. That is if you care about issues including the defense of marriage act, spending cuts and banking regulation. And no one stormed off.

At the end of the first segment, O’Reilly even said, “We have some common ground. We’re making a lot of progress here congressman. Pretty soon we’ll be going camping together.”

By the end of the conversation, O’Reilly asked, “We gave you your say tonight. Are you happy?” After a pause, Frank responded, “No, I’m never happy with everything, Bill.”


Here’s part one about prisoner abuse photos and DOMA.

Here’s part two about budget/spending cuts, health care reform and a continuation of their first interview – the banking system.