Best TV News People on Twitter

By Molly Stark Dean 

Twitter has become a new home for newsers: producers, assignment editors, anchors, reporters, crew members, etc…tweet in 140-character bursts. To celebrate this new kind of criticism, @TVNewser is building a directory of the best newsers on Twitter.

We’ve collected these newsers in a handy Twitter list, but after the jump, you can explore our growing collection of tvnewers–they are listed alphabetically with links to each feed.

This is not a comprehensive list, yet. Add your favorite Twitter tvnewsers in the comments section. We will constantly update the directory.


Adam Housley: “National & International Correspondent for Fox News. Love Family, Reporting the World, Wine, Sports, Harleys, Baseball God & Life! 41 countries and 42 states”

Alisyn Camerota: “Host of Fox and Friends Weekend on The Fox News Channel”

Anderson Cooper: “A behind the scenes look at “Anderson Cooper 360°” written by Anderson Cooper and the show’s correspondents and producers. Watch AC360° M-F at 10 p.m. ET.”

Alex Witt: “MSNBC Anchor”

Ali Velshi: “CNN Anchor (M-F 1-3pm ET) & Chief Business Correspondent”

Alison Rosen: “I’m a writer and TV personality/host/commentator type person. Also, I won 2008 New York’s Funniest Reporter award and have been insufferable ever since.”

Al Roker: “Husband, Father, Today Show host, TV producer”

Andy Levy: “TV’s Andy Levy. Or something.

Ann Curry: “Journalism is an act of faith in the future.”

Asieh Namdar: “HLN Writer and Anchor at CNNI”

Barbara Fedida: “Vice President, Talent and Development, CBS News”

Becky Quick: “Co-anchor of CNBC’s Squawk Box, with Carl Quintanilla and Joe Kernen. 6-9 am ET. Wake up with us! (And not in a coyote ugly way.)”

Ben Smith: “Reporter for, RTs and MTs don’t necessarily indicate agreement”

Betsy Fischer: “Executive Producer, Meet the Press/NBC News

Bill Dedman: “Bill Dedman is an investigative reporter for

Bill Hemmer: “FNC in NYC. America’s Newsroom 9am-11am ET Mon-Fri.”

Bill Schulz: “Something, something, inspirational. Something, something, pithy. Something, something… I had sex w/ your mom.”

Bill Weir: “ABC News Anchor/Reporter and newest member of team Nightline”

Bob Schieffer: “CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent and moderator of the Sunday public affairs talk show, Face the Nation.”

Robert Woodruff: “Please support our troops by donating to the Bob Woodruff Foundation at

Barbara Walters: Barbara Walters

Betty Nguyen: “CBS News Anchor”

Bianna Golodryga: “ABC News Correspondent”

Bonnie Schneider: “I am a meteorologist for CNN & HLN.”

Bret Baier: “Bret Baier is the anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier. He formerly served as Chief WH Correspondent for FNC.”

Brian Kilmeade: “Fox and Friends Weekday Co-Host. Adventurer. Amateur Wrestler. Top-notch yo-yo champ.”

Brian Ross: “ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent”

Brian Sullivan: “journalist, racer, tall irish/belgian mutt”

Brian Williams: “NBC Nightly News Anchor and Managing Editor”

Byron Pitts: “Chief national correspondent for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and a contributing correspondent to 60 Minutes.”

Campbell Brown: “Mom; Journalist”

Cheryl Casone: “Anchor, Fox Business Network Host, Cashin’ In, Fox News Channel”

Christiane Amanpour: “I’m thrilled to be joining the incredible team at ABC News. Being asked to anchor ‘This Week’ is a tremendous and rare honor.”

Chris Cuomo: “20/20 Anchor, Chief of ABC News Legal Unit, Host of Focus on Faith, Married, three angels.”

Chris Licht: “Morning Joe Executive Producer”

Chris Wragge: Anchor For CBS

Chuck Todd: “Political junkie; Reporter and analyst for NBC; Co-host of MSNBC’s Daily Rundown; Covering politics since ’92”

Clayton Morris: “Anchor for Fox News Channel, Podcaster, Geek, and eater of fine pizza.”

Clint Henderson: “Senior Producer, Happening Now Fox News Channel”

CNN Anchors & Reports: Official CNN list

Connell McShane: “Fox Business Anchor. Weekdays 11amET”

Courtney Friel: “Reporter for Fox News Channel”

Courtney Hazlett: “Pop culture corresopndent and contributor to TODAY,, MSNBC,

Craig Crawford: “Blogger (CQ Roll Call), Pundit, Author: “The Politics of Life,” “Attack the Messenger,” and “Listen Up, Mr. President”

Candy Crowley: “Anchor of State of the Union with Candy Crowley & CNN Senior Political Reporter”

Cokie Roberts: “Senior news analyst for NPR; Commentator for ABC; Proud mother of two and grandmother of six.”

Contessa Brewer: “MSNBC Anchor”

Cynthia McFadden: “ABC News’ Nightline Co-Anchor”

Dana Bash: “Senior Congressional Correspondent, CNN”

Dan Harris: “abc news anchor/reporter. i like: questionable travel, indie rock, my cat steve.”

Darren Rovell: “Darren is CNBC’s Emmy-Award winning sports business reporter”

Dave Briggs: “FOX News”

David Carr: “David Carr writes Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder & covers pop culture at NY Times. Tweets news, ephemera and links. Thinks Web nice is the new black.”

David Chalian: PBS news hour

David Pogue: “Tech columnist, NY Times; CNBC tech dude; Missing Manuals creator, dad of 3!”

David Price: “Weather anchor for The Early Show”

David Gregory: “Host of NBC’s Meet the Press”

David Shuster: “Dayside MSNBC anchor and regular substitute anchor for “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”

David Wright: “abc news correspondent, news junkie, husband, father of 2 (+ dog), concerned citizen.”

Domenico Montanaro: “NBC News off-air Political Reporter”

Don Lemon: “CNN Anchor”

Donna Brazile: “Veteran Democratic political strategist, adjunct professor, author, and syndicated columnist.”

Dr. Drew: “Board Certified, MD”

Dylan Ratigan: “Truth To Power”

Ed Henry: “CNN Senior White House Correspondent”

Elizabeth Cohen: “Senior medical correspondent on CNN and author of The Empowered Patient.”

Ellis Henican: “WRITER AND TALKER: Newsday columnist, Fox News political analyst, Talk Radio Network host, Cartoon Network voice”

Eric Bolling: “Watch FOLLOW THE MONEY weekdays at 9p On Fox”

Eric Kuhn: “CNN’s Audience Interaction Producer”

Erin F Moriarty: “CBS News Correspondent on 48 Hours Mystery”

Fareed Zakaria: “Tune in every Sunday @ 10a and 1p ET in US. Check for intl airtimes.”

Fin Gomez: “Social Media is the Now of the Future.Miami Bureau Producer for FOX News.Trying to make my way in the most unique City in US.Native DC Washingtonian w/AZ Roots”

Gerri Willis: “I cover how the day’s news impacts your wallet at Fox Business Network — See my show, launching soon! The Willis Report!”

Glenn Beck: “Sometimes I feel like i am living a dream, other times like I am in a Hitchcock film but when I am with Tania and the kids, I feel happy and whole.”

George Stephanopoulos: “Good Morning America Anchor and ABC News Chief Political Correspondent”

Greg Gutfeld: “I am interested in auction work at home. also, I am being held here against my will. Send nudes.”

Gregg Jarrett: “Host on Fox News Channel-Catch me on weekends w/Julie Banderas 4-6pm et”

Greta Van Susteren: “Greta Van Sustern – Host of ON THE RECORD – Weeknights at 10p & 1a ET on Fox News Channel”

Hannity Show: “This is the official Twitter for HANNITY on @9pm on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL!”

Harris Faulkner: “News Anchor, Fox News Channel/ Host /Strategy Room 9a EST M-F… Wife and Mommy”

Harry Smith: “The Early Show Anchor”

Hoda Kotb: NBC’s Hoda

Jack Cafferty: “Jack Cafferty sounds off hourly on the Situation Room on the stories crossing his radar.”

Jake Tapper: “ABC News’ Sr White House Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.”

Jane Velez-Mitchel: “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell is live weekdays at 7pET/4pPT on HLN. Tweets are from Jane and the JVM team.”

Jeff Glor: “CBS Evening News, Saturday anchor and CBS News correspondent”

Jeff Rossen: “NBC News Correspondent, Emmy Award Winner, Private Pilot, Proud Dad”

Jeffrey Kofman: “ABC News Correspondent for Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America”

Jenna Lee: “Anchor, Fox Business”

Jenna Wolf: “Sunday @todayshow co-anchor and correspondent for @nbcnews.”

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: “MD, CBS medical correspondent, author of The Body Scoop for Girls, women’s health expert The Dr. Oz Show, mother.”

Jessica Yellin: “CNN National Political Correspondent”

Jill Dobson: “TV Host & Entertainment Correspondent (as seen on CBS, Vh1, FNC, BBC, IFC and more). Home design & organization enthusiast.”

Jim Cramer: “I am co-founder and chairman of TheStreet. I run the charitable trust portfolio, Action Alerts PLUS, and host CNBC’s Mad Money television program.”

Jim Sciutto: “ABC News Sr. Foreign Correspondent”

Joe Scarborough: “Keep Calm and Carry On”

John Berman: “Correspondent, ABC News. The artist formerly known as Abcdude. I like the Red Sox. I also like cheese. And showtunes. Don’t judge me.”

John Dickerson: “Political correspondent Slate magazine/Analyst CBS News”

John Donvan: “ABC News Correspondent”

John King: “Hometown: Dorchester, MA. 1st job: Paper Delivery Boy. Current job: Anchor, John King, USA & Chief Natl. Correspondent. Fan of hoops, Red Sox & TwitPics.”

John Roberts: “CNN American Morning anchor”

Jon Klein: Jon Klein

Fr. Jonathan Morris: “Fox News Analyst, Author, Catholic Priest”

Jim Acosta: “Jim Acosta is a correspondent for CNN’s American Morning based in the network’s Washington, D.C., bureau.”

Jonathan Hoenig: JonathanHoenig

Jonathan LaPook, M.D: “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric Medical Correspondent. Assoc Prof of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center. Happily married father of two”

Jonathan Serrie: “Fox News Correspondent”

Jonathan Wald: “Not easily offended.”

Joy Behar: HLN Anchor

Juju Chang: “Correspondent at ABC News wife and mother of 3 boys.”

Julie Banderas: “If it’s the weekend I’m on! Catch me on Fox News Channel hosting Americas News Headquarters 4-6pm Saturdays and Sundays and The Fox Report Weekends at 7pm et!”

Justin Wells: “FOX NEWS Producer @ On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren – FOX News”

Kate Bolduan: CNN

Kate Snow: “NBC News correspondent, Wife of Chris Bro @nextmusicshow, Mom of Zack and Abby”

Katie Couric: “True journalism separates fact from fiction. Passionate about discovering what makes the world tick. I’m a Journalist, Anchor, Single Mom, Straight Shooter.”

Keith Olberman: “MSNBC anchor, Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Blogger, MLB.Com. If I don’t reply, remember I may not have seen your tweet. I get A LOT.”

Kelly Wallace: “Chief Correspondent,; Fmr. CBS News and CNN Correspondent; Best title: Mother of two”

Kiran Chetry: “watch Kiran on CNN’s American Morning M-F 6-9AM”

Kirsten Powers: “Fox News Political Analyst, NY Post & Daily Beast columnist.

Kristie Lu Stout: “Join Kristie Lu Stout on News Stream, CNNi weekdays 9pm Hong Kong time, 1pm London, 8am New York.”

Kyra Phillips: “CNN Newsroom, 9-11am ET”

Lara Setrakian: “Reporting from the Middle East for ABC News. RT not = endorsement. Story ideas and links welcome, send over an @ message.”

Larry King: “CNN’s Larry King Live”

Laura Ingle: “Fox News Channel correspondent, former radio reporter”

Lauren Sivan: FNC reporter

Lester Holt: “Lester Holt is the weekend anchor for the flagship broadcast NBC Nightly News, and is also the co-anchor of the weekend edition of TODAY.”

Liz Claman: “Fox Business Anchor”

Luis Martinez: “ABC News Pentagon Producer”

Luke Russert: “I’m a reporter for NBC News and Co-host a Sports Radio Program called 60/20 Sports on XM Radio”

Major Garrett: “Congressional Correspondent National Journal”

Marc Lamont Hill: “Professor/Activist/TV Political Analyst”

Maria Menounos: “correspondent for access hollywood/today show/nightly news, filmmaker, animal lover, wwe fan, patriots and celtics die hard fan!”

Martha Maccallum: “America’s News Room, Fox News Anchor”

Matt Gutman: “ABC News correspondent”

Matt Small: “Makin’ invisible airwaves crackle with life.”

Megyn Kelly: “Megyn Kelly is the host of America Live. Watch weekdays from 1pm to 3pm on Fox News Channel.”

Melissa Francis: “Host of CNBC’s The Call & MSNBC’s It’s The Economy”

Michelle Caruso: “Watch me, Sue Herera, and Tyler Mathisen on CNBC’s Power Lunch 1-2 pm Monday through Friday.”

Michael Rosen: “Executive Producer, The Early Show Saturday Edition”

Mike Allen: “Chief White House correspondent, POLITICO”

Mike Emanuel: “Fox News White House Correspondent – been with the network since July 1997.”

Monica Novotny: “MSNBC Anchor and mom of two”

Morning Mika: “Somehow raising my two children while balancing my third child– my job!”

Mosheh Oinounou: “Bloomberg TV International Editor, GWU Alum, Chicago sports fan”

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: “NBC News Chief Medical Editor”

Judge Napolitano: “Fox News Sr Judicial Analyst”

NBC list: NBC staff list

Neal Karlinsky: “ABC News Correspondent”

Nicole Lapin: “CNBC Anchor, Smile Ambassador, First generation American, Passport stamp collector, Former LA lady, Always a seamstress for the band.”

Norah O’Donnell: “Wife, mother of 3, MSNBC Chief Washington Correspondent, #1 fan of @chefgeoffs

Paul Brandus: “Paul Brandus bio: 5 yrs Moscow, 5 yrs network TV, 5 yrs Wall St.; foreign correspondent, private investor. 53 countries and counting”

Paul Solman: “Business and Economics Correspondent for PBS Newshour”

Peter Alexander: “NBC News correspondent. Northwestern Wildcat. Proud brother.”

Peter King: “CBS News Correspondent”

Piers Morgan: Piers Morgan

Rachel Maddow MSNBC: “I see political people…”

Rebecca Diamond: “TV host and wifey to BD. WATCH my show, Happy Hour on Fox Business, 5pm ET, Monday-Friday.”

Richard Besser: “ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor, Pediatrician, Epidemiologist, husband, father”

Richard Engel: “nbc news reporter”

Richard Quest: “Richard Quest – presenter of CNN Quest Means Business broadcast nightly from London at 7pm GMT.”

Rick Folbaum: “Husband. Father of 4! TV newscaster. Phillies fanatic. Proud American. Lover of chicken parm.”

Rick Klein: “Senior Washington editor, @ABCWorldNews. On-air, online, and off-both. Co-host of ABC’s #TopLine Webcast.”

Rick Leventhal: “Fox News Correspondent”

Rick Reichmuth: “Chief Meteorologist for Fox. From AZ now NYC by way of Mexico, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston. Follow weather, food, tennis, travel and more food.”

Rick Sanchez: Rick Sanchez

Rob Marciano: “Weather nerd and environmental reporter.”

Robin Meade: “Morning Express with Robin Meade weekdays 6-10 on HLN”

Roland S. Martin: “Martin is an analyst for TV One, CNN; and the Tom Joyner Morning Show”

Russ Mitchell: “CBS News Anchor/National Correspondent”

Ryan Ruggiero: “Assignment Desk Manager based in the New York City area. My tweets and links reflect my opinions only and not those of my employer.”

Ryan Seacrest: “Get official tweets from Ryan and his producers about the radio shows, American Idol and breaking news from Hollywood!”

Sam Champion: “Weather Anchor for Good Morning America”

Sam Feist: “CNN Political Director”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic CNN Chief Medical Correspondent”

Sara Haines: “Correspondent for NBC’s Today Show”

Savannah Guthrie: “NBC News White House Correspondent/Co-Anchor, The Daily Rundown on MSNBC”

Sean Hannity: “The Sean Hannity Radio Show has over 500 affiliates nationwide and counting.”

Shannon Bream: “Fox News correspondent primarily covering Supreme Court – but also Capitol Hill and other DC shenanigans”

Shibani Joshi: “Fox Business Network Correspondent, Sooners lover, yoga devotee and an all-around girl on a mission”

Soledad O’Brien: “CNN Anchor and Special Correspondent”

Stephanie Abrams: “The Weather Channel Meteorologist”

Steve Brusk: “Coverage Manager, CNN Political Unit.”

Steve Doocy: “FOX & Friends host”

Steve Holland: “Covering the White House and U.S. politics for Reuters”

Steve Krakauer: “Piers Morgan Tonight Digital Producer (CNN), former Mediaite Senior Editor, former TVNewser editor, former NBC Page, Syracuse University alum, NYCer”

Steven Rosenbaum: “Fox News Information Specialist. Multi-Platform Journalist. Husband, Dad, Commentator and all around good guy.”

Susan Durrwachter: “Piers Morgan Tonight producer + lifelong veggie + devoted tree hugger + Beatles fanatic”

Susan Zirinsky: “Executive Producer, 48 Hours”

Suzanne Malveaux: “CNN White House Correspondent”

Suze Orman: “Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host, Number One NYTimes Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and America’s Most Trusted Personal Finance Expert”

Tamron Hall: “Tamron Hall anchors MSNBC weekdays at 2pm ET. She also fills-in as a newsreader on Today and Weekend Today.”

Terry Moran: “Terry Moran is the co-anchor of ABC News Nightline and covers the Supreme Court of the United States for ABC News.”

Todd Starnes: “Todd is a reporter and anchor for FOX News Radio. He’s also a contributor on FOX & Friends, Hannity and FOX Nation. Todd is a best-selling author.”

Tom Sullivan: “Fox NewsTalk and Fox Business Anchor”

Tavis Smiley: “Talk show host, author, entrepreneur and advocate. Tavis Smiley hosts Tavis Smiley on PBS, The Tavis Smiley Show from PRI and is the co-host for Smiley & West.”

Thomas Roberts: “News Anchor @ MSNBC New York”

T.J. Holmes: T.J. Holmes

Tucker Carlson: Tucker Carlson

Veronica De La Cruz: “Television journalist (NBC, MSNBC) fighting for healthcare rights in memory of her brother #ERIC & following all those wearing his banner. Thank you #ETA”

Willie Geist: Willie Geist

Wolf Blitzer: “Wolf Blitzer is the anchor of CNN’s The Situation Room. Blitzer also serves as the network’s lead political anchor.”

Yunji de Nies: “ABC News Correspondent”