Beck on Olbermann: “He Is A Liberal & He’s Blending News & Comment Together”

By Brian 

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HLN’s Glenn Beck believes he is held to a different standard than MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

“I’m in the hot seat almost constantly, because I’m doing an opinion show, but I am telling you I’m doing an opinion show. I am in the hot seat because I’m a conservative, but I’m telling you that I’m a conservative. Yet people like Keith Olbermann, doing a news show never, will ever admit that he’s a liberal. He is a liberal and he’s also blending news and comment together,” Beck said on Sunday’s Reliable Sources.

“When [Olbermann] does his commentary, it says special comment,” Howard Kurtz interjected. Beck replied: “Are you only finding his commentary there in the special comment? I mean, come on.” Here’s the full exchange…