BBC Anchor Left On Air For 4 Minutes, As Newscast Suffers ‘Technical Systems Crash’

By Chris Ariens 

The BBC gave new meaning to Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By when one of their anchors was left standing by, live on air, for four minutes.

The BBC says a “technical fault” interfered with Tuesday night’s BBC News at Ten, leaving anchor Huw Edwards sitting in silence for 4 minutes. Viewers watched as a Breaking News graphic flashed across the screen multiple times and Edwards

On this YouTube video, the author writes, “This was recorded from the BBC News Channel and as NOT been edited in anyway. This is what every News Channel viewer would have seen.”


The editor of BBC News at Six and Ten Paul Royall later explained a “technical systems crash” caused the delay. After the glitch started making the social media rounds, the BBC uploaded its own 1-minute edited version of what happened.

Edwards had some fun on Twitter about the snafu: