Barack Obama, Media Mogul?

By Chris Ariens 

For weeks leading up to the election there was chatter that Donald Trump‘s post-election plans would include some sort of media entity, which the media quickly dubbed Trump TV. It would be a way to maintain the #MAGA momentum and its millions of followers who supported Trump during the bruising 18-month campaign. Then he won.

Now, as Barack Obama looks to life after the White House, one report claims the president may be looking at a career in media. Mic co-founder Jake Horowitz writes:

Obama considers media to be a central focus of his next chapter, these sources say, though exactly what form that will take — a show streaming on Netflix, a web series on a comedy site or something else — remains unclear. Obama has gone so far as to discuss launching his own media company, according to one source with knowledge of the matter, although he has reportedly cooled on the idea of late.


When contacted for comment, White House communications director Jen Psaki told Mic in a statement, “While the president will remain actively engaged in inspiring young people and he is interested in the changing ways people consume information, he has no plans to get into the media business after he leaves office.”

In an interview published earlier this week, Obama told Jann Wenner that his immediate post-presidency plans include sleep, vacation and then “I’ll spend time in my first year out of office writing a book, and I’m gonna be organizing my presidential center, which is gonna be focused on precisely this issue of how do we train and empower the next generation of leadership. How do we rethink our storytelling, the messaging and the use of technology and digital media, so that we can make a persuasive case across the country? And not just in San Francisco or Manhattan but everywhere.”