Barack Obama, David Cameron Take Questions

By Brian Flood 

Media members gathered in the East Room for British prime minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama‘s joint news conference this afternoon. Cameron and Obama took only four questions, which is typical when a visiting foreign leader joins the president.

So, who were the lucky newsers?

The first question went to Jonathan Karl of ABC News, who asked about the Iran sanctions bill before asking about Obama’s thoughts on Mitt Romney running for president again. Obama declined to comment on Romney before going into a lengthy answer about Iran, in which he urged Congress not to enact new sanctions.

Next up was Nick Robinson of BBC News, who followed in Karl’s footsteps of squeezing multiple questions into his allotted time. Robinson’s terror-related questions resulted in Cameron saying the terror threat level in Britain is severe and an attack is “highly likely.”

The third question went to Major Garrett of CBS News, asking if war footing is an option in regards to Iran if negotiations fail. Garrett went on to as both leaders if Europe is at a turning point when it comes to terrorism. After being asked to clarify his answer, Obama said he was not suggesting the U.S. is “in immediate war footing should negotiations with Iran fail.”

The final question came from Robert Moore of ITV News, asking about the current terror threat level.