Backstory on Sarah Palin’s $1 Million a Year FNC Contract

By kevin 

NY Mag has new details about high-profile Fox News contributor Sarah Palin and the three-year deal she signed with the network in January, which is reportedly worth $1 million a year. New York‘s Gabriel Sherman writes that EVP of programming Bill Shine was charged with landing Palin for FNC by chairman and founder Roger Ailes after her resignation as governor.

The negotiations “dragged out over the next six months,” and Palin’s agent wanted all of her appearances arranged by Shine directly, among other stipulations:

[Palin’s agent Bob] Barnett drove negotiations with Fox hard. Palin made it clear to Fox that she wouldn’t be willing to move to New York or Washington. “If you take someone like Karl Rove who left office, he lives in D.C. and he could take a car down to the bureau,” Shine says. Fox offered to build a remote-camera hookup in her Wasilla home. Barnett also told Shine that Palin didn’t want producers hounding her for interviews. Barnett wanted all her appearances to have to go through Shine personally. In January 2010, Palin finally had her deal. Her star power at Fox has sparked competition among the various personalities, all of whom would like more Palin on their shows. Shine is responsible for making sure everyone gets equal time, to maximize her ratings appeal across the network. “Obviously, there needs to be a sense of fairness,” Shine explains.

In addition to her book deals and other television contracts, Palin also reportedly earns $100,000 per speaking engagement. The rest here.