Back on Morning Joe, Chris Christie’s Still Not Happy With MSNBC

By Mark Joyella 

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie returned to MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday, after a two-year absence. The republican presidential candidate was asked about his popularity ratings having fallen at home. Christie suggested MSNBC itself might be partly to blame. “How about nightly specials on this network for five months calling me Attila the Hun?”

Just seven months ago, Christie told The New York Times “there’s an agenda at the network level at MSNBC,” and suggested heavy coverage of “Bridgegate” had soured his relationship with Morning Joe, where he’d long been a regular guest.

In his extended interview Monday morning, Christie was introduced as “our new soccer correspondent.” Carli Lloyd, who is the all-time highest-scoring women’s soccer player at Rutgers, scored three goals as the U.S. Women’s Team defeated Japan to win the Women’s World Cup. “More than five goals, Joe. New Jersey women.”