Awful Announcing Readies Revamp

By Alex Weprin 

One of the web’s best sports blogs, Awful Announcing, is ready for a comeback. The blog, which had a partiuclar knack for taking on the absurdities of the goings-on in the broadcast booth, essentially went dark back in April.

Now the site is back at a new address, with a refreshed editorial team.

Or as editor Brian Packey writes:

We understand that the sports blog you once knew and loved is now a little different, a little weird and run by virtual strangers, but don’t let your inner neophobe rule you. We ask that you let this marinate a little bit. And once you dig in, I promise that you’ll want to come back for more. If not, well, then I hope you get stuck in an elevator that plays Miley Cyrus on repeat for hours.

Welcome back to the blogosphere dudes, there is plenty of awful announcing to take on.