Audio: Mike Francesa Verbally Destroys Tiki Barber

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Curious as to why folks hate Tiki Barber?

Listen to his interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN Wednesday.

You know an interview is going to be awkward when an agent is on to serve as a bodyguard – – Barber requested his agent, Mark Lepselter, join him on the call.

That didn’t stop Francesa from ripping Barber to shreds:

Barber: “I think you’re throwing a little bit of hyperbole out there, Mike, because I didn’t have a ‘big failure’ in broadcasting. I think if you laid the stage as you and Chris at the time tried to, that I was (to) be the next Matt Lauer, yeah, you could say it was a failure. But I had a lot of fulfillment at NBC. I did a lot of great stories that I think had impact over the three years that I was there.”

Barber: “You’re putting it in simple terms. And if that’s how you need to do it, Michael, fine, you put it in simple terms. But I don’t consider my time at NBC a failure.”

Francesa: “The guys at NBC, and I know all of them, they felt that you did a bad job and they said that they thought you were entitled. I mean, they were not complimentary about your work. Let’s not run away from that, this is part of the story.”

Barber: “If you tell me who it was and you get that person on air, I will have a debate with them. I think that’s cowardly of someone to talk behind someone’s back and not tell them, because the truth of the matter is, I don’t know what I could have done better at NBC.”

It’s worth spending 30 minutes of your day to listen to the entire interview.

[H/T The Big Lead]