Attorneys For Duckett Intend To Sue CNN & Nancy Grace For Wrongful Death

By Brian reports: “Attorneys representing the estate of Melinda Duckett have announced plans to sue CNN, Nancy Grace and the producers of her show for wrongful death, according to a statement issued by the lawyers on Monday.”

The statement says: “We’ve alleged that Nancy Grace and her producers deliberately misrepresented the reasons for wanting Melinda on the show. Within minutes of Melinda’s phone interview, it became quite obvious that Nancy’s questions weren’t about finding Trenton at all, but rather about impliedly accusing Melinda of murdering her beloved son.”

The lawsuit is expected to be filed Tuesday, Fox says. It will allege that “Grace, her producers and CNN intentionally inflicted emotional distress on Duckett.”

Monday evening, a Headline News spokesperson responded: “While we have no comment on pending litigation, we stand by Nancy Grace and fully support her, as we have from the beginning of this matter.”