At the RNC, Chilly Temps Bring a Thaw in the Morning Show Wars

By Chris Ariens 

While the partisan divide is alive and well here at the RNC, just as it will be at the DNC next week, there is a definite thaw in the morning show wars.

In the very chilly Quicken Loans Arena, a scene of morning show comity when CBS’s Gayle King sent over her blanket to ABC’s Robin Roberts. The two shows are just about 20 feet apart on the floor of the RNC. During breaks the anchors have been visiting each other’s sets, and, we’re told, even making attempts at guest poaching (but that’s nothing new.)

While this was going on at The Q, we were at the Today show two blocks away, but outside the security perimeter where Clevelanders and anyone else can show up. At the NBC set, we talked with Colin Jost and Michael Che, anchors of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. During the conventions they’ll be hosting a midnight edition of Weekend Update on MSNBC, and acting as “special correspondents” for Today.

We’ll be heading to the GMA, CTM sets tomorrow morning.



(Photos: Ida Mae Astute/ABC)